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Drop Dead Diva

Lifetime (US) - 60 mins - TheTVDB, TVMaze
Life can really throw you curves -- especially in this breakthrough comedic drama. "Drop Dead Diva" tells the story of Deb, a shallow model who dies in a sudden accident. By a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, her soul resurfaces in the body of Jane, a smart, plus-sized and recently deceased attorney. As she confronts the challenges of her adventurous new life, love and career, she must learn to reconcile her beauty queen ways with her brilliant new mind -- finding surprises at every turn.
Name Ep No. Countdown Air dates
Identity Crisis S06E08 -75078489
Hope and Glory S06E09 -74473689
No Return S06E10 -73264089
Afterlife S06E11 -72659289
Hero S06E12 -72054489
It Had To Be You S06E13 -71449689
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