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The Glades

A&E (US) - 60 mins - TheTVDB, TVMaze
Jim Longworth, is a brilliant homicide detective from Chicago who moves to South Florida after being shot by his captain. He assumes it will afford him a more relaxing lifestyle, but he finds things are more complicated than he had imagined when he finds himself solving unlikely crimes in the town of Palm Glade, Florida.
Name Ep No. Countdown Air dates
Pilot S01E01 -193489450
Bird in the Hand S01E02 -192884650
A Perfect Storm S01E03 -192279850
Mucked Up S01E04 -191675050
The Girlfriend Experience S01E05 -191070250
Doppelganger S01E06 -190465450
Cassadaga S01E07 -189860650
Marriage is Murder S01E08 -189255850
Honey S01E09 -188651050
Second Chance S01E10 -188046250
Booty S01E11 -187441450
Exposed S01E12 -186836650
Breaking 80 S01E13 -186231850
Family Matters S02E01 -165063850
Old Ghosts S02E02 -164459050
Lost and Found S02E03 -163854250
Moonlighting S02E04 -163249450
Dirty Little Secrets S02E05 -162039850
Gibtown S02E06 -161435050
Addicted To Love S02E07 -160830250
Second Skin S02E08 -160225450
Iron Pipeline S02E09 -159620650
Swamp Thing S02E10 -159015850
Beached S02E11 -158411050
Shine S02E12 -157806250
Breakout S02E13 -157115050
Close Encounters S03E01 -133614250
Poseidon Adventure S03E02 -133009450
Longworth's Anatomy S03E03 -132404650
The Naked Truth S03E04 -131799850
Food Fight S03E05 -131195050
Old Times S03E06 -130590250
Public Enemy S03E07 -129985450
Fountain Of Youth S03E08 -129380650
Islandia S03E09 -128171050
Endless Summer S03E10 -127566250
Yankee Dan S04E01 -102683050
Shot Girls S04E02 -102078250
Killer Barbecue S04E03 -101473450
Magic Longworth S04E04 -100868650
Apocalypse Now S04E05 -100263850
Glade-iators! S04E06 -99659050
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves S04E07 -99054250
Three's Company S04E08 -98449450
Fast Ball S04E09 -97239850
Gallerinas S04E10 -96635050
Civil War S04E11 -96030250
Happy Trails S04E12 -95425450
Tin Cup S04E13 -94820650
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