The Biggest Loser
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Name Ep No. Countdown Air dates
Episode 1: PilotS01E01-350530253
Episode 2S01E02-349925453
Episode 3S01E03-348712253
Episode 4: Red and Blue Teams Go to New HeightsS01E04-348107453
Episode 5: A Team Lightens Up Through EliminationS01E05-347502653
Episode 6: Teams Trek to the Beach for a ChallengeS01E06-346897853
Episode 7: Biking ChallengeS01E07-346293053
Episode 8: Playing It Close to the VestS01E08-345688253
Episode 9: A Look Back SpecialS01E09-345083453
Episode 10: Final Weigh-In At The RanchS01E10-343873853
Episode 11: Season FinaleS01E11-343269053
Episode 12: It Isn't Over Until It's OverS01E12-342664253
Season Two BeginsS02E01-322104653
Straight and Narrow is ToughS02E02-321499853
Hurt Bodies and FeelingsS02E03-320895053
What Happens in Vegas Buffets in VegasS02E04-320290253
Losing Teammates Instead of Weight Drags Down On...S02E05-319685453
High AnxietyS02E06-319080653
Let's Do the Twist!S02E07-318475853
Fancy Footwork from Pedicures to PedicabsS02E08-317867453
Jump StartS02E09-317262653
Last One in the Pool is a WinnerS02E10-316657853
Scary ScaleS02E11-316053053
Season Two FinaleS02E12-315448253
Season PremiereS03E01-289963853
The Biggest Loser Goes to the Beach S03E02-289359053
Cruise WeekS03E03-288754253
Free PassS03E04-288149453
Gym GoneS03E05-287544653
Tough ChoicesS03E06-286939853
They're BackS03E08-285726653
All About the HolidaysS03E10-283912253
The Final FourS03E12-283307453
Back to School S03E11-283307453
Season Finale Live!S03E13-282702653
Back to BasicsS04E01-259205453
The Secret Black Team is Revealed!S04E02-258600653
The Pressure of TemptationS04E03-257995853
Bidding WarsS04E04-257391053
Surprise GetawayS04E05-256786253
Lively Beach CompetitionS04E06-256181453
Weigh-In ShockerS04E07-255576653
Most Emotional Elimination So Far of the SeasonS04E08-254971853
Biggest Losers Go GreenS04E09-254363453
A Taste of HomeS04E10-253758653
Memorable MakeoversS04E11-253153853
Viewers Choose the ChallengeS04E12-252549053
A Slice of TemptationS04E13-251944253
Five Remaining Players Compete for Spot on FinaleS04E14-251339453
Biggest Loser Revealed In Season FinaleS04E15-250734653
They Got Fat Together, Can They Get Thin Together?S05E01-249525053
Contestants Face Barbecue Temptation and Giant S...S05E02-248920253
Tensions Run High As This Week's Challenge Cause...S05E03-248315453
One Outcast Duo Squares Off Against All the RestS05E04-247710653
Surprise Escalator Challenge Changes the Game Fo...S05E05-247105853
Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito Guest StarsS05E06-246501053
Special Guest Appearance by Jillian's MomS05E07-245896253
Contestants Reunited With Loved OnesS05E08-245291453
One Team Surprised With Trip to VegasS05E09-244686653
Contestants Tackle One of the Biggest Challenges...S05E10-244081853
All Contestants Return to Ranch in Surprise TwistS05E11-243480653
Contestants Made Over by Fashion Guru Tim GunnS05E12-242875853
Competition Heats Up With Only Six Contestants L...S05E13-242271053
Last Five Contestants Get Surprise Trip to Austr...S05E14-241666253
Surprise Game-Changing Twist in Last Episode Bef...S05E15-241061453
"Biggest Loser" Revealed in Season FinaleS05E16-240456653
Husband-Wife and Parent-Child TeamsS06E01-227151053
Chef Rocco DiSpiritoS06E02-226546253
Grand CanyonS06E03-225941453
Toughest Challenge YetS06E04-225336653
Surprising Weigh-InS06E05-225250253
Longest Challenge EverS06E06-224731853
Unusual WorkoutsS06E07-224127053
Record Weigh-InS06E08-223522253
Week of SurprisesS06E09-222309053
'80s WeekS06E10-221704253
Thanksgiving weekS06E11-221099453
Makeover EpisodeS06E12-220494653
Final FourS06E13-219889853
Season PremiereS07E01-217470653
Bob Freaks OutS07E02-216865853
Temptations SuckS07E03-216261053
Super BowlS07E04-215656253
Home Team Weigh-InS07E05-215051453
100th EpisodeS07E06-214446653
Gym KeysS07E07-213841853
Black and Blue Part 1S07E08-213237053
Black and Blue Part 2S07E09-213150653
Chef Rocco DiSpiritoS07E10-212632253
24 Hour Fitness Relay RaceS07E11-212031053
Contestants Go Home for a Week and Complete Half...S07E12-211426253
The Teams Split UpS07E13-210821453
Blast from the PastS07E14-210216653
Only One VoteS07E15-209611853
The Makeover EpisodeS07E16-209007053
Trivia QuizS07E17-208402253
Contestants Get to Train Their Trainers!S07E18-207797453
Running a Full Marathon!S07E19-207192653
Finale Part 2S07E21-206587853
Week 1S08E01-195701453
Week 2S08E02-195096653
Week 3S08E03-194491853
Week 4S08E04-193887053
Week 5S08E05-193282253
Week 6S08E06-192677453
Week 7S08E07-192072653
Week 8S08E08-191464253
Week 9S08E09-190859453
Week 10S08E10-190254653
Week 11S08E11-189649853
Week 12S08E12-189045053
Finale (Week 13)S08E13-188440253
Week 1S09E01-186021053
Week 2S09E02-185416253
Week 3S09E03-184811453
Week 4S09E04-184206653
Week 5S09E05-183601853
Week 6S09E06-182997053
Week 7S09E07-181182653
Week 8S09E08-180577853
Week 9S09E09-179976653
Week 10S09E10-179371853
Week 11S09E11-178767053
Week 12S09E12-178162253
Week 13S09E13-177557453
Week 14S09E14-176952653
Week 15S09E15-176347853
Week 16S09E16-175743053
Week 17S09E17-175138253
Week 18S09E18-174533453
Week 19 - FinaleS09E19-173928653
Week 1S10E01-163647053
Week 2S10E02-163042253
Week 3S10E03-162437453
Week 4S10E04-161832653
Week 5S10E05-161227853
Week 6S10E06-160623053
Week 7S10E07-160018253
Week 8S10E08-159409853
Week 9S10E09-158805053
Week 10S10E10-158200253
Week 11S10E11-157595453
Week 12S10E12-156990653
Week 13S10E13-156385853
Week 1S11E01-154571453
Week 2S11E02-153966653
Week 3S11E03-153361853
Week 4S11E04-152757053
Week 5S11E05-152152253
Week 6S11E06-151547453
Week 7S11E07-150942653
Week 8S11E08-150337853
Week 9S11E09-149733053
Week 10S11E10-149128253
Week 11S11E11-148527053
Week 12S11E12-147922253
Week 13S11E13-147317453
Week 14S11E14-146712653
Week 15S11E15-146107853
Week 16S11E16-145503053
Week 17S11E17-144898253
Week 18 “Makeover Week”S11E18-144293453
Week 19S11E19-143688653
Week 20S11E20-143083853
Week 21S11E21-142479053
Week 1S12E01-132197453
Week 2S12E02-131592653
Week 3S12E03-130987853
Week 4S12E04-130383053
Week 5S12E05-129778253
Week 6S12E06-129173453
Week 7S12E07-128568653
Week 8S12E08-127960253
Week 9S12E09-127355453
Week 10S12E10-126750653
Week 11 - Makeover WeekS12E11-126145853
Week 12S12E12-125541053
Week 13 - FinaleS12E13-124936253
Week 1S13E01-123121853
Week 2S13E02-122517053
Week 3S13E03-121912253
Week 4S13E04-121307453
Week 5S13E05-120702653
Week 6S13E06-120097853
Week 7S13E07-119493053
Week 8S13E08-118888253
Week 9S13E09-118283453
Week 10S13E10-117678653
Week 11S13E11-117077453
Week 12S13E12-116472653
Week 13S13E13-115867853
Week 14S13E14-115263053
Week 15S13E15-114658253
Week 16S13E16-114053453
Week 17S13E17-113448653
Week 18 - FinaleS13E18-112843853
We're Back ... And So Is JillianS14E01-91240253
Keep MovingS14E02-91153853
Cut the JunkS14E03-90549053
Pay It ForwardS14E04-89944253
Waist & MoneyS14E05-89339453
Lead by ExampleS14E06-88734653
Tough LoveS14E07-88129853
Work TogetherS14E08-87525053
Face Your FearsS14E09-86920253
Make a Difference (Makeover Week)S14E10-86315453
Down to the WireS14E11-85714253
Live FinaleS14E12-85109453
Second ChancesS15E01-66879053
A Game of ChanceS15E02-66274253
The AuctionS15E03-65669453
Trick or TreatS15E04-65061053
The Cook-OffS15E05-64456253
Remember Who You AreS15E06-63851453
Take a Trainer HomeS15E08-62641853
Work WeekS15E09-62037053
Down to SinglesS15E10-61432253
Who Gets a Second Chance Back?S15E11-59617853
Winter OlympicsS15E12-59013053
Makeover WeekS15E13-58408253
Opening DayS16E01-38280653
The KnockoutS16E02-37675853
Double HeaderS16E03-37071053
The LotteryS16E04-36466253
The TailgateS16E06-35256653
The DropS16E07-34651853
Penalty BoxS16E08-34047053
Yes, Coach!S16E09-33438653
Free AgentsS16E10-32833853
No 'I' in Team S16E11-32229053
The PlayoffsS16E12-30414653
Kauai (1)S16E13-29809853
Kauai (2)S16E14-28600253
Makeover WeekS16E15-27995453
The ComebackS16E16-27390653
End ZoneS16E17-26785853
Live FinaleS16E18-26181053