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Falling Skies

TNT DRAMA (US) - 60 mins - TheTVDB, TVMaze
The series tells the story of the aftermath of a global invasion by several races of extraterrestrials that neutralizes the world's power grid and technology, quickly destroys the combined militaries of all the world's countries, and apparently kills over 90% of the human population within a few days.
Name Ep No. Countdown Air dates
Live and Learn S01E01 -166519780
The Armory S01E02 -166519780
Prisoner of War S01E03 -165911380
Grace S01E04 -165306580
Silent Kill S01E05 -164701780
Sanctuary (1) S01E06 -164096980
Sanctuary (2) S01E07 -163492180
What Hides Beneath S01E08 -162887380
Mutiny S01E09 -162286180
Eight Hours S01E10 -162286180
Worlds Apart S02E01 -135070180
Shall We Gather at the River S02E02 -135066580
Compass S02E03 -134465380
Young Bloods S02E04 -133860580
Love and Other Acts of Courage S02E05 -133255780
Homecoming S02E06 -132650980
Molon Labe S02E07 -132046180
Death March S02E08 -130836580
The Price of Greatness S02E09 -130231780
A More Perfect Union S02E10 -129626980
On Thin Ice S03E01 -104225380
Collateral Damage S03E02 -104221780
Badlands S03E03 -103616980
At All Costs (1) S03E04 -103012180
Search and Recover (2) S03E05 -102407380
Be Silent and Come Out S03E06 -101802580
The Pickett Line S03E07 -101197780
Strange Brew S03E08 -100592980
Journey to Xibalba S03E09 -99988180
Brazil S03E10 -99383380
Ghost in the Machine S04E01 -71562580
The Eye S04E02 -70957780
Exodus S04E03 -70352980
Evolve or Die S04E04 -69748180
Mind Wars S04E05 -69143380
Door Number Three S04E06 -68538580
Saturday Night Massacre S04E07 -67933780
A Thing With Feathers S04E08 -67328980
Till Death Do Us Part S04E09 -66724180
Drawing Straws S04E10 -66119380
Space Oddity S04E11 -65518180
Shoot the Moon S04E12 -65518180
Find Your Warrior S05E01 -39508180
Hunger Pains S05E02 -38903380
Hatchlings S05E03 -38298580
Pope Breaks Bad S05E04 -37693780
Non-Essential Personnel S05E05 -37088980
Respite S05E06 -36484180
Everybody Has Their Reasons S05E07 -35879380
Stalag 14th Virginia S05E08 -35274580
Reunion S05E09 -34669780
Reborn S05E10 -34064980
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